Young Hwan Kim





Are you suffering from something that you dont know what it is?


Then, try Ki training.


Ive trained Zen with the lower abdomen breath for about 4 years, Kouksundo for three years, and Taichi for six years.

And, they all paid


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Taichi (±ر)

*             Derived from Chinese martial art () for general public.

*             ±ر ȸ

*             װб ±ر ȣȸ

u     ȸ: 迵ȯ (а ,, 054-279-2227)

u     Open for POSTECH members (װб open). ƹ

u     Training Schedule (7:00-8:30 PM, Tuesday/Thursday)

u     Training Place: POSTECH Gymnasium Room 104 (ü 104ȣ ±ر )


Kouksundo ()



Zen with the lower abdomen breath (â ȣ)




Forum (non-political)


ȸ ( )